About us

The “Tappezzeria Giovanni Duraccio” is leader in the Tuning sector for trucks, cars, buses and boats.

The Tappezzeria was born 60 years ago from the passion and love lavished by Giovanni Duraccio on his work and it will keep on growing thanks to his daughter Paola and his son-in-law Mario Fantini. High quality of raw materials, the greatest care for particulars and the kindness towards the clients are the distinctive signs of the Tappezzeria Giovanni Duraccio.

Experience and home-madeness combined with the use of state-of-art machineries and the staff competences make all the manufacturing unique in its kind. Thousands of trucks are moving around Italy and abroad with the trademark “Giovanni Duraccio” they are the “moving” proof of its quality.


The Tappezzeria Giovanni Duraccio covers the interiors of cars, trucks, boats and buses. Craftsman and made to measure manufacturing for every client. Upholstery for all you needs of beauty and comfort for trucks of every kind, brand and provenance.

Repairing and selling of seat and ISRI spare parts.

On-line and mail order selling. Shipping all over the world. Wide range of fabrics, leathers and synthetic leather. Customized items.


The Tappezzeria Giovanni Duraccio is constantly looking for perfection.

The quest for new materials and new technologies matched with home-made methods allow to keep the leadership in the tuning sector for interiors of cars, trucks, buses and boats.

The wide parking with car workshop and the hospitality of Giovanni Duraccio for his clients make us afford every kind of manufacturing.